witchcrafts at spiritworks

Spiritworks began as a circle of creatixes.

We met monthly to make art.

We used it as therapy.

We used it to heal.

S&K creates monthly subscription moonboxes. Check out their products on their page.

That was in 2015. Since then witchcrafts at Spiritworks has continued to grow and expand.

Our OG’s

Many of our “Original Goddesses” have gone on to start businesses of their own. Kyla and her sister Kym (along with their husbands) own and operate S&K Kraftworks. S&K is one of the three pillars of Spiritworks. In addition to the third pillar:; CaliOkie which is owned and operated by Shana Zimmerman. These magical women handmake their products using the finest ingredients many times foraging right out of their own gardens. 

moon candles by amie
Merryweather’s Moon Candles are one of our best sellers. Check out her other items on her Facebook page!

Merryweather’s Moon Candles is owned and operated by another OG, Amie Francis. She started her business upon getting her Reiki Certification. Amie uses her skills as a Reiki Master to charge her items candles that she also prepares with the moon phases. Her candles are sold at Spiritworks and other local gift shops in the Tulsa Area. 

As of now, we have our shelves filled with magical art and witchy tools from many talented local artisans and creatixes.

Below is a list of our current vendors. However, we get new ones with each new moon so be sure to check back often!


Cave Girl

macabre magick
Macabre Magick does all Spiritwork’s custom sigil work. Check her out on Facebook and Etsy.

Creation Station

Mrs. Black’s Magic

Merryweather’s Moon Candles

Natural Products

Okie Mountain Gifts

Pocketful of Purple

Quapaw Girl

Rainbow Light

S&K Kraftworks

The Gilded Sunflower

Vulpine Alchemy’s Witchy Spell Kits are to die for!

In addition, you can also find the artists who make witchcrafts at Spiritworks and on Facebook and Etsy as well as in in the shop! 

So come check out the witchcrafts at Spiritworks

2606 S. Sheridan Road

Tulsa, OK 74129