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Tasseography is the art of identifying symbols and interpreting messages found in the shapes and configurations of tea leaves. Though the practice is simple, the results are often profound.  Tasseography is not nearly as popular as tarot reading so it’s also less understood.

History of Tea Readings

Tea has played an important role in the history and culture of nearly all societies around the world. But perhaps one of the most mysterious and unexpected ways that tea has impacted the world is through the ancient practice of “tasseography.”

Tea leaf reading is a special type of divination (fortune-telling) that involves interpreting the patterns of leftover tea leaves in a cup of tea. Tea leaf readers look for special symbols and shapes in these tea leaves, and use them to make predictions.

While it is not known exactly when or where the pratice first began, historians predict that it became popular in the Western world around the same time that tea was first introduced to England, in the 17th century. Some historians believe that in the early 1800s, it became common practice for women in England’s elite class to read their servant’s fortunes using tea leaves.

It grew in popularity in the Victorian era, when traveling gypsies began offering door-to-door fortune-telling services. Today, this art of divination remains popular in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Middle East.