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Tarot Readings 3 cards for $20

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Let one of our experienced readers help you with a session of Tarot Therapy. We have a variety of in-house tarot readers and will assist you in finding the reader who works best for you!

What is Tarot Therapy?

We believe that Tarot cards are quite important and as relevant today as they were 500 years ago. We must inform you that Tarot cards can not foretell the future, nor can they see the past, nor do they know anything about you. Don’t believe the hoo-hah, and don’t be frightened.The cards can do something valuable, however. Yes, they have a very special ability. And this ability has made them quite popular, as well as giving them a scary reputation. But, again, don’t believe the hoo-hah, and don’t be frightened. If you understand the cards, you’ll see there is nothing to fear.

Meet our Tarot Readers

Kyla Price-Germany kyla price-germany

Kyla is a shaman, a priestess, a wind-walker who feels a deep connection to the people and all things around her. She and her sister are the artists behind S&K Kraftworks whose products can only be found at Spiritworks. She is an ordained minister and a Reiki practitioner who has studied Arts Management at the University of Tulsa (2006), and a Recovery Support Specialist with an emphasis on substance abuse and trauma (Oklahoma State University, 2016). Kyla is also ordained through Universal Life Church as is available for weddings, blessing ceremonies, and house clearings.

Shana Zimmerman tarot readings

Shana owns and operates Caliokie Hoodoo, which sells her specialty items both online and at Spiritworks. She uses a combination of various magical traditions, energy work and crystals when doing her healing work and is our magical altars and sacred spaces go-to goddess. Shana is a life long rock hound and crystal lover. She began her extensive study into the healing benefits of crystals in 2012. She studied Fashion and Business at Fresno City College and at the California Academy of Merchandising, but her heart and soul is in healing and enlightenment. Shana uses her gifts as an intuitive to do Crystal and Oracle Readings.  Shana is also ordained through Universal Life Church as is available for weddings, blessing ceremonies, and house clearings.

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