Mabon Full Moon Retreat

Sept 19-20th 2021

***SOLD OUT***

empowering goddesses full moon retreat

Join us for a fully immersive Full Moon Mabon Experience at Hempton Heights!

This will be a 420 friendly Full Moon Retreat Meditation with Corresponding Classes and Workshops. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!

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Coming soon- prices, schedule of classes and menu options!

Women who have turned to feminist spirituality for appreciation of women’s ways of knowing have struggled with the confining concept of the Triple Goddess. Instead we will look at thirteen empowering archetypes presented in Empowering Goddesses Classes. From Daughter to Blood Sister, Mother to Amazon, Sorceress to Crone, this groundbreaking class will reveal the grand pattern of women’s lives. Our lives are rich and complex, beautiful and mysterious. Until we get to know and understand ourselves so deeply and completely, we can hardly expect others to understand us. By each of us doing this inner work that teaches us how to express ourselves more clearly, articulately and intelligently, we are contributing to the evolution of humanity.

empowering goddesses

Balancing Divine Energies

Masculine and Feminine energies were designed to complement each other for the sake of evolution. As far as consciousness goes, masculine energy is about stepping outside the comfort zone. As well as taking risks, breaking through barriers, overcoming challenges, and achieving goals. In addition, feminine energy is about nurturing, cooperation, finding consensus. As well as building emotional connections, and opening up to receive and transmit love. Moreover, it might be important to note that as far as reincarnation is concerned, all of us have assumed a different biological gender in at least one of our past lives from what we currently assume, and we may just as well assume a different gender in our next life depending on which lesson soul chooses for learning purposes. Mabon Full Moon Retreat