Psychic Mediumship Part 2

with Kym

July 28th at 7pm

@The Hedge Event Center

2606 S Sheridan Road

Have you always been able to sense people around you? 

Have you ever wondered- who is that?

Wouldn’t it be great to develop that gift so you can use it and control it?

Psychic Mediumship with Kym will show you how!

We are all born with intuition and psychic power. It’s up to us to develop these abilities. These gifts are like muscles; we have to discover what they are and how we can use them in our lives. This class will help discover your psychic abilities and teach you how to connect to Spirit. This class is a workshop of discovery and experimentation for you to find that psychic power and use it as a tool to navigate your path.

In Psychic Mediumship with Kym we will discuss:

  • how important it is to have boundaries when working with this energy.
  • the differences between psychic energy and Spirit energy used in Mediumship.
  • the ability to speak to people who have passed on and how to deliver a message to their living loved ones.



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