pluto return support group

Pluto Return Support Group

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Pluto Return Support Group

$25 deposit required

Pluto Return Journey Group Deposit

Pluto Return Journey Group Deposit


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America is having its first Pluto return.
Pluto is the plant of regeneration and transformation.
America’s Pluto return is when Pluto literally returns to the exact location it was when The colony known as the United States was “born”.

Humans have solar and Saturn returns but not Pluto- because a Pluto return takes 250 years to move around the sun. Pluto is a generational planet and he is encouraging us to find our own power.

There’s reasons why each generation takes on a different theme.

Join Spiritworks as we lead an intensive 3 month online journey led by:

Shana Zimmerman and Kyla Germany – owners of Spiritworks.

Kymberly Ruhkamp- Psychic Medium

Tiffany Early – Midwife

  • The four of us will lead teams lead activities designed to help you find your power.
  • We will each post 2-3 times a week with different themes.
  • We will have in person meetings every other Tuesday (starting 3/1/2022)
  • And we will also be hosting “challenges” or events. Think of the buttons like Girl Scout patches.
  • This intensive journey will take place from March-June.

Come to our introductory party

2-25-2022 7:30pm

@ the flower district.

Cost is $100 for the all inclusive journey ticket.

Pluto Return Journey Group

Pluto Return Journey Group


Pay now


Which includes:

  • Journey kit- button
  • T-shirt
  • Team gift and discounts
  • Access to all online/Facebook prompts
  • Access to all events- no donation required to any Pluto meeting online or in person (unless it’s a separately funded event)

Thank you Pluto Priestesses

for joining our

Pluto Return Support Group

So what are you waiting for? Join our Pluto Return Support Group

Find your power – It’s time to transform today.