Join S&K Kraftworks and learn how to manifest with the new and full moon monthly lunar boxes utilizing our monthly subscription mason jars.

monthly lunar boxes

S&K Strawberry Moon Jar. Strawberry Moon June 5th, 2020

With each intro or basic monthly lunar boxes you will receive a hand made full moon candle, a corresponding crystal and one or two manifestation tools for the new moon lunar sign or energy theme of the month.

Custom moon boxes are done using a progressed or sidereal natal chart- all depending on your manifestation practice. Custom jars include all of the items from the intro jars plus tools exclusively to assist you with utilizing the energy based on the house you are in that month; keeping you in tune with monthly lunar energy. Each custom box comes with personalized instructions on how to use the tools for optimum manifestation.

  • Monthly Lunar Boxes Subscription Prices
  • Basic Jar-$10.00 in store pick up
    • $18.00 to ship
  • Custom – $30.00 in store pick up
    • $38.00 to ship
  • Custom Orders require Birth Chart information. Kyla will need your time of birth, place of birth, and date of birth. You can ad that info at check-out!
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Please note that we are local and use the jars as a way to cut back on packaging materials. You can bring in your monthly lunar boxes to Spiritworks each month to have it refilled. With online orders, we will ship you a jar with your first order and each additional order we send the contents to fill your jar. For an addition 2 dollars we can ship a new jar each month if you desire.

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monthly lunar boxes