folding your intentions with shawn

Folding Your Intentions: Origami with Shawn

 March 21st 7:30 pm

Folding Your Intentions: Origami with Shawn

Join Shawn on a papercraft journey as you navigate the valley fold waters and mountain fold skies of origami. Set your intentions with every fold and walk away with a meaningful project. Each participant will leave the class with plenty of origami paper to practice with.

No Materials Needed

$20 per ticket

Folding Intentions with Origami


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The Japanese word “origami” itself is a compound of two smaller Japanese words: “ori” (root verb “oru”), meaning to fold, and “kami”, meaning paper. Not all forms of paper folding were grouped under the word origami. Paper folding for play was known by a variety of names, including “orikata”, “orisue”, “orimono”, “tatamigami” and others. Exactly why “origami” became the common name is not known. It has been suggested that the word was adopted in kindergartens because the written characters were easier for young children to write. Another theory is that the word “origami” was a direct translation of the German word “Papierfalten”, brought into Japan with the Kindergarten Movement around 1880.