Moon Sisters

Manifesting Intention with the Moon’s Cycle

Wednesdays @ 7pm @ Spiritworks

the week of the New and Full Moons Next Meeting Sept 25th

New Moon Manifesting

Join us on the New and Full Moon’s to discover how to work with the energy of the moon!

Come learn about your natal chart and how to understand ways to use it for positive results in your life!

Each time the sun moves into a new sign… so goes the moon. Within each of the zodiacal signs, the earth receives a different energy from our moon. So if the moon is in Virgo for instance, it’s a good time to work on being organized, since that is a hallmark of Virgo.

When you couple that with an understanding of how your own personal natal chart, you can experience profound change in your life.

moon sisters

2019 Tulsa Witch’s Ball October 26th 8pm

Feasting, Dancing, Singing, Casting, Elevating, Click for more Info.