astral projection and your aura 

September 22nd, 7pm

$30 per student

To accommodate social distancing Astral Projection and Your Aura has limited space to 10 students. Online Live Option Available!

Join Michelle as she shows you how to develop and use your own energetic field for protection, travel and manifestation. Astral Projection and Your Aura is for anyone interested in developing their many dimensions.

There are twenty inner senses. They come in four categories: existential (those that help us know and understand ourselves), environmental (those that help us perceive nonphysical environments), kinesthetic (those that help us move within and between nonphysical realms), and relational (those that allow us to interact with nonphysical beings).


Developing your inner senses are extremely simple. It can be done in ordinary waking consciousness by anyone—beginner to advanced—who has an interest in psychic development, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, astral projection, and other adventures in consciousness.


By mastering these inner senses through the Astral Projection and Your Aura Workshop, you will learn how to use your energy body to experience the bliss of higher states of consciousness, explore the astral plane and beyond, meet nonphysical Teachers and Guides, and work for the spiritual benefit of humanity. You can achieve your birthright as multidimensional human.