March 14th, 2020 7 pm

$30 in advance

Prosperity Spell Kit by Chelle’s Spells included!

Did you know you are equipped with the ability to generate all the wealth you need? Did you know you have the ability to access it anytime you want? Join Michelle for an instructive spell workshop and guided meditation to clear your energy field and open it up so that the universe can give you the abundance that you deserve! And learn casting techniques that you can use everyday to manifest abundance!

Your emotions, thoughts and experiences color your aura and reflect how you feel emotionally and physically. These emotions can cause blockages that prevent the flow of energy through your life! Money is simply another stream of energy that you can direct. Learning that thoughts are also energy that you emit during the mental process, and that by gaining control of those emotions and thoughts is the key to eliminating blockages from your aura.

There are many things you can do to assure good aura health, such as meditation, spiritual study, physical workout, nutritious diet, and mental exercise. The human aura is a complex and delicate balancing act, but one you can master with conscious effort. Join Michelle to begin your better understanding of you own manifestation powers!


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