Chakra Clearing and Activation

March 18th, 2020 7 pm

$10 at the door

Chakra and Aura Clearing and Activation

Did you know you are equipped with an energy shield? Did you know you have the ability to access it to protect yourself from negativity? Join Michelle for a guided meditation that will clear your aura. And learn techniques that you can use in everyday situations to protect your energy body.

The human aura is part of the subtle body, or energy anatomy, that all living beings have. It works as a field of colorful energy surrounding the physical body and connecting the physical human to the energy of the universe. Some believe the human aura is composed of seven layers. These layers of energy have certain attributes and understanding them reveals the real you.

Your emotions, thoughts and experiences color your aura and reflect how you feel emotionally and physically. Thoughts are also energy that you emit during the mental process, and they add color to your aura. Aura colors are the reflection of energy vibrations that you harbor and emit. In Chinese culture, this sphere of energy surrounding and emanating from you is called ch’i, the life-source energy of all living matter. You may also hear it referred to as prana, universal energy, or life force energy.

There are many things you can do to assure good aura health, such as meditation, spiritual study, physical workout, nutritious diet, and mental exercise. The human aura is a complex and delicate balancing act, but one you can master with conscious effort.

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