Defense Against the Dark Arts 2

To all Our Relations

February 22, 2020 7pm

@ Spiritworks

$25.00 includes hand-dressed 7 day candle

In Defense Against the Dark Arts 2 advanced class Shana will go over three defensive spells, Uncrossing, Reversing and Stop Gossip!
You will make and take one 7 day dressed candle and well as the written instructions for all three spells.

This class is $25
Please reserve your spot this is limited to 13 students.

To view Shana’s other services and offerings check out her website @ CaliOkie Hoodoo.

What is Hoodoo? A traditional form of folk magic, the term Hoodoo can have different meanings, depending on who is using it and what their practice includes. In general, Hoodoo refers to a form of folk magic and rootwork that evolved from African practices and beliefs. In the United States, it has often been diluted to include some Native American botanical knowledge as well as European folklore. This mishmash of practices and beliefs combines to form contemporary Hoodoo.

Although many followers of modern Hoodoo practices are African-American, many non-black practitioners are out there as well. However, the tradition’s roots are typically found in the folkloric practice of Central and West Africa, and were brought to the United States during the time of the slave trade. These magical systems are sometimes called Hoodoo, but are also called conjure or rootwork, depending on the practitioner.

Many Hoodoo spells are related to love and lustmoney and gambling, and other practical applications. There is also, in some forms of Hoodoo, a veneration of the ancestors. However, it’s important to note that despite the use of magic and ancestor worship, Hoodoo is not a Pagan tradition at all–many practitioners are in fact Christian, and some even use the Psalms as a basis for magic. From Learn Religion

Heart Chakra Workshop

37061557 - heart chakra

February 1st, 2020 7pm

@ Spiritworks

$20 includes heart opening chakra kit

The energy of the heart center has a profound impact on all aspects of our-selves. Love is the cohesive force of this reality, the binding energy of body and spirit. A clearer, more open heart chakra is of fundamental importance for health and happiness.

Learn how to clear and open this energy center with guided visualization, crystal healing, meditation, and essential oils.

$20 includes heart chakra opening kit. Limited seating.

Michelle has been involved in researching and teaching metaphysics for over 25 years. She is also an ordained minister and a member of the Theosophical Society.  She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Northeastern State University and is a Communications Instructor for Roger’s State University and Tulsa Community College. In August 2015 she started the Empowering Goddesses Class  as a response to an increasing need for classes that delved into feminine spirituality.

Michelle is available for private sessions through Spiritworks. You can reach her through the Spiritworks’ Facebook page or email thru

House Cleansing 101

January 24th, 2020

7:30 pm @ Spiritworks

$20 per student includes a energy clearing kit

Join Kyla as she teaches the foundation of energetic house clearing in her Energetic House Cleansing 101 Workshop!

Why would you need an energy clearing? Most people associate house clearings with physical death, hauntings, or other paranormal activity.  But any life altering event can cause energetic disturbances in your home. Loss of job, divorce, changing households, all come with energetic shifts that can make one feel like their house is out of sorts. Click the link for tickets or call us for information. 918-289-0018.

Kyla is a shaman, a priestess, a wind-walker who feels a deep connection to the people and all things around her. She is an ordained minister and a Reiki practitioner who has studied Arts Management at the University of Tulsa (2006), and a Recovery Support Specialist with an emphasis on substance abuse and trauma (Oklahoma State University, 2016).

Kyla’s spiritual studies are primarily focused on the chakras, animal medicine, the ways of the ancestors, feminism, and the divine harmony between everything on Earth and beyond. She is both spiritual and analytical, and she brings her authentic perspective to all her work.