Full Flower Moon Meditation


$5 Love Offering and you will receive your Scorpio Full Moon Release Kit!

full flower moon meditation

Join us at the Flowercraft Event Center at 2606 S. Sheridan Road.

May’s Full Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio and is a potent time for release and transformation.

This Full Moon is really going to be calling on all of us to shed and peel back the layers that block us from stepping into our authentic selves and into the fullness of our being.

While we all have fears, worries, and doubts that are worth listening to and working through, when you narrow it all down and get to the root, everything can be traced back to a lack of love.

When we truly love ourselves, it allows us to fully believe in ourselves. It allows us to take action from a place of authentic truth and also, from a place of no harm to ourselves and others.

Love is all we are and love is what we will return to, and under the light of this Scorpio Full Moon, we are going to be able to awaken to this truth and lean in to just how much love we can have for ourselves.

It has been written – on the first Full Moon of Taurus – the Spiritual Hierarchy creates a yearly Event – during which Divine Grace and Mercy are Released with an incredible intensity – in far greater Quantities.

Searchers on the Spiritual Path, including Yogis, Energy Healers, Natural Practitioners and others – know that “The Wesak” brings into our lives a particular Quality and tremendous down pouring of Spiritual Energy. This Increases our Soul Energy – giving the Participant a deep sense of Revitalization, Transformation and Regeneration. 

Each year, these Energies uplift, nourish and sustain the Evolution of Humanity and the entire Planet Earth.