Balancing Divine Energies

Balancing Divine Energies

Masculine and Feminine energies were designed to complement each other for the sake of evolution. As far as consciousness goes, masculine energy is about stepping outside the comfort zone, taking risks, breaking through barriers, overcoming challenges, discovering new possibilities, and achieving goals. And feminine energy is about nurturing, cooperation, finding consensus, building emotional connections, and opening up to receive and transmit love.

And just for clarification… the word “masculine” is different from “male or men”, and the word “feminine” is also different from “female or women”.  Both men and women have masculine and feminine energies in their psyches, and they can choose (or be made) to manifest either one of these energies to different degrees. Although men are sometimes wired to align with the masculine portion of their psyches and women are sometimes more inclined to align with the feminine side of their psyches, it is not always the case. There exists exceptional instances in which a biologically female individual emanates more masculine energy in her vibration or in which a biologically male individual emanates more feminine energy in his overall vibration and there is nothing wrong with those situations. Keep in mind that the soul itself is genderless, and that it identifies with a particular gender only after the growth of the body.  Moreover, it might be important to note that as far as reincarnation is concerned, all of us have assumed a different biological gender in at least one of our past lives from what we currently assume, and we may just as well assume a different gender in our next life depending on which lesson soul chooses for learning purposes.

Why the feminine energy was suppressed on this planet

Why does it seem that masculine energy seems to have dominion over feminine in almost in every society of this world?  It is important to first know that it is not women who have been alienated, but rather the feminine energy existing in both men and women. However, since women are the ones who naturally most align with the feminine energy, this means that it is they who became the “collateral damage” of this situation. The reason why the masculine energy has been given supremacy in this world was to help bring about a rapid progress and expansion of consciousness. Evolution was proceeding agonizingly slow for millions of years! It needed a kick…a jump start.   In fact it is believed that certain perturbations (in term of wars, slavery, colonialism, etc) manifest in order to help forcefully move consciousness from its stagnant and vegetative state and give it the will to expand and evolve. This is the only plausible esoteric explanation about masculine supremacy in this world for the past several thousand years now. Because remember…neither energy is inherently bad!

Why the feminine energy is now being restored on the planet

The world has been given the opportunity to experience masculine energy to its fullest expression and this has lead it dangerously close to self-destruction.  Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is now a real possibility on this planet, something unprecedented until now. The extreme manifestation of masculine energy in these years automatically calls for the reintroduction of the feminine energy in order to be balanced and allow the restoration of peace and stability into this world. Thus the feminine energy, which has been dormant for several thousand years, is increasingly being awakened in everyone (men and women) for the last seventy to eighty years of the world’s history. As this new frequency continues to pour on the planetary level, more and more men will begin to feel the need to attune to that feminine portion of themselves which they have been avoiding to experience for fear of being judged as weak and rejected by society. Also, an ever increasing number of women will begin to open up and feel the need to actively participate in the societal affairs by bringing their magnetic vibrations into the world which has the power to bring about unity and stability in societies.

However, the restoration feminine energy cannot operate within the framework of the masculine energy (which is the energy that relentlessly seeks power and domination) where it entices women to seek empowerment through the masculine vibration, urging them to become more like men, with the illusion that this is what equal rights is all about. But a genuine feminine energy, which is directly connected to the Source of life, is a totally benevolent and holistic force and it provides a sustaining and nurturing energy to all who are open and attuned to its frequency. This is why it cannot be associated with a resentment-driven ideology whose chief goal is power at any cost. So from the esoteric perspective more than anything… feminine energy needs the liberation it has been denied for thousands of years of absolute reign of the masculine energy. Remember that although these energies are actually intelligent energies who have been in a state of conflict in this planet for quite some time now.  Simply reversing gender roles will change absolutely nothing for the betterment of mankind.

balancing divine energies

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